Celebrating Chocolate

October 28, 2008

Here is a little riddle for you. What could be better than celebrating a birthday, whether you like birthdays or not, with a yummy cake? Celebrating National Chocolate Day! With any form of chocolate … Especially considering it comes just before the day most children get to gorge themselves on candy 🙂


I’ve always thought some of these little holidays were silly. I mean, who would want to celebrate National Rattlesnake Round Up Day? (Though National Kazoo Day is the same day…and that would be a lot more fun) But the fun of a blog is to have a great reason to celebrate this chocolatey day.

This October 28 (aka National Chocolate Day) I chose a recipe for Fudge that I have been using for many…many years thanks to my mother. It is the easiest Fudge recipe you have ever tried, and well worth it.

Chocolate Fudge

1 bag chocolate chips
1 can of sweetened-condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla (or 1/2 tsp vanilla 1/2 tsp chocolate liqueur)

Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler. Remove from heat and stir in the milk and vanilla until perfectly creamy.

Line a pan with parchment or waxed paper and pour in the fudge. Let sit for several hours to set.

Once set, run a knife along the edge of the pan, turn upside down and cut into squares. Try not to eat all of it at once. Enjoy.

The hardest thing about this recipe is waiting for it to set. You can put it in the fridge if you want to munch sooner, but it really does set better if you can wait long enough for it to set on its own.

You can use any kind of chips for this recipe (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch….) and sprinkle the top with your favorite nuts or more chocolate. Just have fun with it.  🙂