Show Me The Chocolate!

So far I’ve tried to keep my blog strictly recipes that I’ve tried, but after being teased for several years, now that I finally made it to the Chocolate Show, I just had to share.

I don’t know why the advertising for this thing is so poor, but every year before I’ve managed to find out about the show either a week after, or just a few days before (and of course the day after I’ve hit my splurge limit for the month)

But the chocolate gods have smiled on me this year, and we were able to go this year thanks to a complete coincidence (which would take a rather rambling paragraph to explain that would simply show you how crazy I can be), and a wonderful man (the new helper I’ve mentioned a couple times recently).

Yes, that is a chocolate Obama head.

The best thing about the show was all the chocolate samples! I think every booth had different samples, and besides the shot of spicy hot chocolate (that was great until it started getting hotter and hotter). The only real disappointment (if you could call it that) was that the company we had to thank for finding the show on time, ended up being a no show. The nerve, huh? 😉

Don’t chew the truffles!

They had so many samples, they had to leave a sign so people wouldn’t eat decorations!

There were dessert wines…

And a few demonstrations…

Chocolate for every occasion…

They even had a fashion show with chocolate clothing….mess huh? 🙂

One of the great things about this show was that it introduced us to many places in New York that we never knew existed. But of course our favorite will always be Jacques Torres 🙂


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