Talk To Me

I am almost always online if I am not in the kitchen (and sometimes even when I am) so please feel free to contact me anytime.



I am pretty easy going, so please don’t be afraid to contact me or comment here!

6 Responses to Talk To Me

  1. Hi Isca! Nice site… I love finding new cooking blogs, it’s like finding a christmas present you didn’t know was under a tree. I’ll count a tart as a pie. It’s a topless pie. Would you like to sign up for pie day?

  2. lcsa99 says:

    LOL I completely agree with finding new food blogs as you can see by my blogroll 🙂

    Yes, I definitely plan to participate in pie day. Already know what I want to bake!

  3. amanda says:

    Hi im trying to subscribe to your site so do i just fill this out and click the “subscribe by email” box at the bottom. Im confused cause this is the comment section. We will See! thanks, Amanda

  4. Poo says:

    Hi.. Just came across your blog. its the first one thats encouraging me to go forwards with my desire to create my own blog. 🙂 Im still very inexperienced and i developped this passion for cooking only since a few months.. I would love to have food blog of my own to keep a record of the recipes i tried as well as to share my cooking experiences..

  5. Caro says:

    Hey! Nice web site. Im always looking for yummy new recipes to try. You should try Koeksisters, its a South African cookie/doughnut/sweet treat you’d really like it and Im sure your fans would too. Its always nice to try different things from different countries. They are really popular here in S.A

  6. Frankie M Radford says:

    How can I get on your newsletter?

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