A Taste of Yellow: Sunny Caramel Cupcakes

March 22, 2008

With so many different foundations and charities out there, it’s always hard to choose which ones to support. Do you go with the big ones that already have a huge backing and are more likely to make a bigger difference with the money? Or a smaller one that can really use even the smallest amounts?

It’s a hard decision, but one of the ones I try to support is the LiveStrong Lance Armstrong Foundation. It’s one of the bigger ones out there (you see the LIVESTRONG bands everywhere now), but his story, coming back from a tough battle with cancer to not only succeed, but to completely dominate his sport, is incredibly inspiring.

So when I saw there was a food blogging event created by Barbarah of Winos and Foodiesto support this foundation I knew I had to join in. Barbarah is asking all bloggers to participate in the blog event A TASTE OF YELLOW by making a dish containing some type of yellow food in memory of those we have lost and those still fighting cancer.

The deadline for this event is April 19th, 2008, and the roundup of all entries will be posted on LiveSTRONG Day, which falls on May 13th this year. If you want to participate simply cook and blog about some type of yellow food and send a picture and a link to Barbarah. This is blog is about my small contribution.

I wanted to make something that could bring a smile to anyone. Something happy and sunny, that would bring thoughts of spring. The season that at least to me, represents changes, and new beginnings. I saw this recipe on Katie’s Kitchen for caramel cupcakes, and I knew it was perfect. Hopefully these sweet treats will usher in a nice warm spring, and I dedicate them to everyone out there fighting cancer, with the hope of many more springs to come. 

Caramel Cupcakes
Source: Katie’s Kitchen 

125g butter, chopped
100g white eating chocolate, chopped coarsely
2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup golden syrup
2/3 cup milk
1 cup plain flour
1/3 self-raising flour
1 egg

Preheat oven to 325F

Combine butter, chocolate, sugar, syrup and milk in a saucepan; stir over low heat until smooth. Transfer mixture to a bowl, cool for 15 minutes.

Whisk sifted flours then egg into mixture.

Divide among cupcake tray and bake for 30 minutes for standard size cupcakes. Move to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely.

I tried to make an Italian Meringue for the icing but it didn’t really turn out and I didn’t have enough eggs to try again so I just used a whipped cream frosting. Just whip some cream until it’s nice and thick and peaks begin to form then add a box of instant pudding. I chose french vanilla.


Frost the cupcakes by either spreading it with a knife or pipe it on. Make or buy some fondant, roll it out as thin as you want it then using cookie cutters, cut out as many flower shapes as you want. If you want to do layers of different sizes, brush some water on one side of the smaller one to seal the two pieces together. Place on cupcakes as desired.

Just a few notes about the recipe. It calls for golden syrup and self rising flour. According to Wikipedia, golden syrup is used as a substitute for honey for those who can’t eat honey, and it’s much like corn syrup. You can use either if you can’t find it in a store, or you can order it on amazon.

As for self-rising flour, if you don’t have any you can make it easily by mixing 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1 tsp baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt. Just make sure you mix it well.

As for these cupcakes, they are really easy to make and have a wonderful, subtle caramel flavor. They are definitely worth trying.

There is still plenty of time to join in this event and it really is well worth it. Give it a try if you get the chance.